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One of the best places in the country to learn how to surf is San Diego. With California fully open following a relaxation of its COVID-19 measures, surfing has never felt so good. If you have a young one who is interested in picking up this water sport, the local ocean adventure company Everyday California has the perfect program. The company recently announced a surf and learn agenda for kids aged 5-11.

Parents can register their child for one of Everyday California’s five half-day surf camps, which are offered from June 21 through August 27, and put them on the path of becoming a true surfer! Five half-day camps are scheduled for Monday through Friday from 9 am to 12:30 pm at La Jolla Shores, the perfect spot for beginners. Participating kids are provided with all their needed equipment, including surfboards, rash guards, and the expert supervision of Everyday California’s first aid and CPR-certified instructors.

The best part, 10 percent of Everyday California’s proceeds are donated to non-profit organizations like Surf 4 Kids. Surf 4 Kids is just one of the many groups that afford underprivileged youth a recreational experience at the beach for some life-enhancing physical and mental exercise. In fact, Everyday California just announced its first surf camp scholarship recipient on May 22, working with Surf 4 Kids. Pricing for one of Everyday California’s surf camps starts at $450. To learn more about this surfing education program for kids, visit

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