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FHA Loans

Mortgages designed to help borrowers from all walks of life own a home

What is an FHA loan anyway?

An FHA Loan is a housing mortgage where the Federal Housing Administration promises to repay the lender should the borrower default on the loan. 

This lowers the risk to the lender and allows borrowers with low incomes or small down payments to secure a home by paying down the loan along with mortgage insurance.

An FHA loan can help you secure a home no matter your situation, The Simpson Team has the tools and experience to help you secure this kind of financing.

Is an FHA loan right for you?

Why get an FHA loan?

FHA loans offer a number of benefits to homeowners looking to live the American dream and purchase a home.

Small Down Payments

Start off your home loan without having to stress over saving up a big percentage. Some FHA loans require down payments as low as 3.5%!

No Repayment Penalty

Selling your home or refinancing doesn’t have to mean you take a big hit for prepaying your loan. Avoid those harsh penalties by looking into an FHA loan!

A Reset After Bankruptcy

Many lenders avoid bankruptcy cases like the plague. Luckily, you can qualify for FHA loans within 1-3 years of your financial hardship.

Kenny and his team helped me obtain a loan for my first home purchase. In a period of rising rates, Kenny was able to obtain the best rate for me from his lenders. Furthermore, Kenny and his team are very responsive and helpful. On top of all of this, Kenny is super friendly and always eager to listen and to assist!

RickySan Diego, CA

The 3 key steps to getting an FHA loan

Your financial situation shouldn’t bar you from owning a home. Thankfully there are options for everyone. Having an organized, streamlined process can help secure a loan that fits your circumstances faster.


Apply Today

Apply now or contact The Simpson Team today to see if you pre-qualify

Discuss Goals

Discuss your goals and needs to determine what terms fit you best

Secure Loan

Get critical guidance throughout the whole process and secure your loan

How The Simpson Team helps you succeed

An FHA loan provides an opportunity to families from all walks of life to own a home.

The Simpson Team is excited to help people live out their dream of being homeowners. It can mean someone just getting started or securing a new lease on the future.

Either way, you’ll need a partner who knows all the ins and outs of these loans. The Simpson Team has a painless, streamlined process that can help guide you from square 1 to Home.

What to know before you apply for a home loan

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