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Investment Loans

Loans designed to facilitate multi-unit investment opportunities for borrowers

What is an investment loan anyway

An Investment Loan boils down to “any loan you apply for to purchase investment property.” 

Many loans that fall into this category cannot ever be used to finance your primary residence—because that’s not what they’re for! 

You’ll be using these, backed by your own equity or a substantial down payment, to grow your portfolio through loans for single family or 2-4 unit properties and maximize your ROI.

The process and application for these loans changes with every case. No matter what housing unit you’re looking into, The Simpson Team is the partner you need when considering your next investment.

Is an investment loan right for you?

Multi-family v Residential Financing with Krystle Moore

Looking to finance a property with 5+ units?

Properties with more than 4 units require commercial multi-family financing—but just because you’re shifting to commercial financing doesn’t mean you want to compromise on your mortgage broker!

That’s what we’ve partnered with Krystle Moore at Pacific Shore Capital. Just like The Simpson Team, she’s focused on making sure clients have exactly what they need for the best loan, terms, and rates possible. 

Why Get an Investment Loan?

Investment loans open up a world of opportunity to property owners, whether you’re a first-time investor or a veteran of the market.

Increased Loan Balances

Invest with more money than is typical for a conventional loan. Purchase properties from single family homes to 4-unit apartments with the right loan!

Fast Portfolio Expansion

Whether you’re creating a cash flow stream with tenants or buying to flip, you can start boosting your portfolio with an investment loan.

More Equity for More Investment

Keep the train rolling once you score an investment loan. The equity on the investment property can help secure more for an even bigger ROI.

Kenny was very helpful and professional helping me to refinance two properties. I got a good rate for an investment property as well as my personal residence. He was helpful in providing guidance with all the documents that were required.

RachaelEl Cajon, CA

The 3 key steps to getting an investment loan

You don’t want to have to jump through unnecessary hoops or experience delays on your way to successful investing. Having an organized, streamlined process can help secure a loan that expands your portfolio faster.


Apply Today

Apply now or contact The Simpson Team today to see if you pre-qualify

Discuss Goals

Discuss your goals and needs to determine what terms fit you best.

Secure Loan

Get critical guidance throughout the whole process and secure your loan.

How The Simpson Team Helps You Succeed

Investment loans go hand in hand with property development and growth, and Kenny Simpson has firsthand experience in it all! He’s grown his own holdings from just $35k to a multi-million portfolio.

The Simpson Team brings more than 30+ combined years of experience to investors who want a partner as well as a broker.

Whether you’re a new fish in the big pond of real estate or you know the ropes and just need someone to help you make it happen, The Simpson Team is the expert you need.

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Listen in as Kenny Simpson and Krystle Moore (of Pacific Shore Capital) talk through the ins and outs of real estate investment in their podcast Get in the Cashflow Game with K&K.

Whether you’re a veteran of the market or just curious about stepping onto the scene, these weekly episodes bring you current trends and expert guidance regarding the real estate market. 

Each episode also includes guest interviews with real estate gurus as well as life lessons for personal development. Tune in for actionable advice that helps you grow your investment portfolio, your financial freedom, and your generational wealth.