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The Simpson Team’s Process

Get a handle on exactly what to expect when you partner with Kenny and his team.

Stay in the loop with The Simpson Team

At The Simpson Team we believe that transparency is the greatest insight we can give any client during the loan process. It allows you to anticipate the overall timeline while also keeping you excited for the future to come.

We don’t want you uncertain or aggravated by the loan process. These loans are a tool for you to achieve your dreams, and you deserve to know where you’re at all the time.

The #1 Way To Crush Your Goals

The Simpson Team Milestones

There are a lot of steps, filings, and signatures required to secure your new loan. When you partner with The Simpson Team, we keep you up to date through the entire process. You’ll get a milestone update whenever progress is made.

1. Apply for a loan with The Simpson Team

Once you submit your application, we’ll have your information reviewed within 24 hours.

2. Submit Your File

The Simpson Team discusses your goals before doing all the paperwork and sending it for approval.

3. Approval and Appraisal

Once you’re approved, the next milestone is getting your new/refinanced home appraised at current market values.

4. Disclosures Prior to Underwriting

After figure all the numbers, the ball’s back in your court for signatures before sending it off for finalization.

5. Underwriting and Clearing to Close

The lender goes through all the steps to secure your funds along with any last minute filings.

6. Closing and Funding Your Loan

After a lot of due diligence and organization, the lender approves your case and the terms of your loan begin.

Congrats On Your New Loan!

Open Communication for a Complex Process

We’ve had our hands in real estate for years, and one of the things we constantly see are clients who look like they’re about to chew glass every time they come in to talk about loans.

These clients come in with the misconception that this opportunity of theirs is going to be a long, painful process in order to get what they want.

That’s not what The Simpson Team is about. The real estate market is something people from all walks of life can participate in. When people have dreams of owning a home, refinancing a home for a better future, or investing because they’re also looking at jumping into the real estate market—that’s when we get excited.

By providing you a map with clear checkpoints and updating you as your journey continues, you can take part in a way many loan applicants can’t.

The Simpson Mortgage philosophy is simple: 

make it clear, make it easy, make it yours.

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