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VA Loans

Mortgages designed for current and veteran service members as well as their eligible spouses

What is a VA loan anyway?

A VA Loan is a housing mortgage option provided by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs.

This allows qualified U.S. veterans, active-duty military personnel, and surviving spouses who qualify to apply for a loan that’s secured by the U.S. government. The program has been helping veterans get a foothold since World War II.

These loans can help both when buying a new home or refinancing your old property. The Simpson Team has the tools and experience to help you secure a VA loan for whatever you need.

Is a VA loan right for you?

Why Get a VA loan?

VA loans offer a number of benefits to veterans who are prospective homeowners or those wanting to refinance their home.

No Down Payment Required

Most other loans require substantial down payments or mortgage insurance. Avoid both if you qualify for a VA loan!

Limits on Closing Costs

The Department of Veteran Affairs has certain limits on origination fees and prohibits lenders from adding certain costs.

Competitive Interest Rates

The average 30-year VA home loan interest rates tend to be lower than conventional mortgage interest rates.

After my refinance from last year, we’ve been in more communication to discuss the current times and rates dropping due to the pandemic. He helped me weigh out my options as to conducting to refinance again, purchase a new home and whether it’s best to move forward with a VA loan, conventional, or FHA.

Sarah KellyChula Vista, CA

The 3 key steps to getting a VA loan

The application and paperwork for a VA loan can look intimidating. Having an organized, streamlined process can help secure a loan that fits your circumstances faster.


Apply Today

Apply now or contact The Simpson Team today to see if you pre-qualify.

Discuss Goals

Discuss your goals and needs to determine what terms fit you best.

Secure Loan

Get critical guidance throughout the whole process and secure your loan.

How The Simpson Team helps veterans succeed

A VA loan provides a jumping off point for those men and women who put their country over themselves. Regardless of their branch of service, veterans can use a VA loan to establish their home.

The Simpson Team wants to help provide those servicemembers the guidance and tools they need to maximize the benefits of the VA program and ensure a stable home after or during their service.

As a veteran or a surviving spouse, you may qualify for this helpful loan. Partner with a team who can guide you through the process as painlessly as possible.

How to choose the right term for your mortgage

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