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Jumbo Loans

Mortgages for properties that break the maximum amount for conventional conforming loans

What is a jumbo loan anyway?

A jumbo loan breaks the conforming limit of other loans. That limit varies by state or even by county, but the limit in San Diego is $753,250 for a single unit property.

Any loan above that is a jumbo mortgage loan and comes with a few caveats that make them riskier to lenders. But with the right credit and security, jumbo loans are the perfect tool for investing in the property you want.

This process is obviously in-depth to ensure the risk is as low as possible on all sides. The Simpson Team can walk you through all the steps and paperwork to ensure that a jumbo loan is the right one for you.

Is a jumbo loan right for you?

Why get a jumbo loan?

Jumbo loans are a means for high-earning individuals to invest in a home—whether that’s your personal residence or an investment opportunity you can’t pass up.

More Money Than Other Loans

Borrowers gain access to more money for high-cost properties than typically provided by loans from government-led enterprises.

Competitive Interest Rates

Jumbo loan interest rates have been on the decline in recent years, sometimes even coming in slightly lower than conventional mortgage loans.

Complete Loan Flexibility

Jumbo loans apply to a narrower section of the real estate market and so every unique case requires a unique agreement to fit.

Kenny was excellent to work with. Honest and helpful. I've dealt with others and they sound like they are so eager to help and at the end of the day they are too busy. Kenny wasn't that person. He was upfront and always got back to me with questions that I had. If he didn't know (which was rare) he would say, "Let me make sure I have the correct answer and I will get back to you"—and he did follow up.

EmondineLos Angeles, CA

The 3 key steps to getting a jumbo loan

Jumbo loans deal with jumbo-sized amounts—which leads to jumbo-sized stacks of paperwork! Having an organized, streamlined process can help secure a loan faster.


Apply Today

Apply now or contact The Simpson Team today to see if you pre-qualify.

Discuss Goals

Discuss your goals and needs to determine what terms fit you best.

Secure Loan

Get critical guidance throughout the whole process and secure your loan.

How The Simpson Team Helps You Succeed

A jumbo loan is no small commitment. Many lenders fear the risk that comes with loaning out that much cash. It takes high credit scores and ample proof of income to even be considered.

But at The Simpson Team, we’re here to help facilitate that process for you. With plenty of experience in the field of high-value assets, we know exactly what lenders are looking for when considering a jumbo loan.

Jumbo loans are big, but they’re not impossible. Partner with The Simpson Team to organize your application and secure a jumbo loan for your jumbo investment.

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