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Non-Qualified Mortgage Loans

Loans tailored for your unique circumstances and income

What is a non-qualified mortgage loan anyway?

A Non-qualified Mortgage Loan refers to any loan a lender offers despite a borrower not meeting the usual standards of a qualified mortgage. 

This flexibility may help you overcome challenges like a rough credit history or a more irregular income stream. Despite these hurdles, The Simpson Team has the tools to help you secure the money you need for the home you deserve.

Is a non-qualified loan right for you?

Why Get a Non-Qualified Mortgage Loan?

Non-qualified mortgage loans offer an opportunity for homeowners to afford a property even if conventional loans are not an option.

Are You Self-Employed

If you are, it can be difficult to provide all the proof necessary that your income is stable. A Non-qualified Mortgage Loan can be the path to your home all the same!

Do You Have More Assets Than Income?

Lenders look at your income more than they might look at your actual wealth sometimes. These loans can help work around your unique situation!

Have You Had Credit Issues In The Past?

Bad credit scores have a knack of haunting your present and threatening your future. Loans like these can look beyond your past so you can get the money you need.

Kenny and The Simpson Team is my first choice for both my loans as well as for my client’s loans, not only because I know he can get the best rate and loan option possible, but also because of his guidance on the nuances of investing and his long-term investment strategies. He identifies and overcomes hurdles up front to accomplish a smooth transaction, every time.

Christina LabowiczReal Estate Agent

The 3 Key Steps to Getting a Non-Qualified Mortgage Loan

It can feel frustrating having to prove you’re a reliable borrower with challenges like documentation or credit. Having an organized, streamlined process and a professional in your corner can help secure a loan that fits your circumstances faster.


Apply Today

Apply now or contact The Simpson Team today to see if you pre-qualify.

Discuss Goals

Discuss your goals and needs to determine what terms fit you best.

Secure Loan

Get critical guidance throughout the whole process and secure your loan.

How The Simpson Team Helps You Succeed

At The Simpson Team we understand that everyone has their own unique situation—which means there needs to be loans to fit. Non-qualified mortgage loans are just one of the tools in our arsenal.

Kenny knows firsthand! He’s self-employed too and totally gets how that income proof can hamstring loan applications.

That’s why, no matter the questions you have regarding loans like these, you can contact us at The Simpson Team to get the answers you need.

Partner with us, and we’ll help you secure the loan that fits your circumstances while avoiding any confusion by keeping things transparent.

Difference between a Bank, Direct Lender and Mortgage Broker

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