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This is scheduled to go before the City Council for a second reading on May 16 and then the Mayor will sign it into law. We estimate it becomes effective around June 16.


(all page number references relate to the clean version of the ordinance)

  • Short-term leases of 3 months or less are exempt from the ordinance – see the top of Page 7 under the definition of “Tenant.”
  • A new definition for “substantial remodel” beyond AB 1482 definition – see Page 15.
  • Eviction registry – see bottom of Page 17 for just-cause evictions and bottom of Page 19 for no-fault evictions. Note the language explicitly states this section, “shall not apply until 30 days after the Commission (San Diego Housing Commission) establishes a submission portal and provides the public notice of its creation.” I anticipate it will be well into 2024 before this applies.
  • For no-fault evictions, the landlord must pay 2 months rent relocation and the tenant is eligible for a third month if the tenant is a senior or disabled – see top of Page 20.

Click DOWNLOAD to get a copy of the ordinance itself.

Next steps

  • The second reading of the ordinance is on May 16.
  • The law becomes effective on approximately June 16.
  • With industry input, the City of San Diego will create administrative guidelines for implementing and enforcing the ordinance. This will take place throughout June and July.

Speak up

This new law will pass and most likely will NOT be the end of changes to the “Tenant Protection laws”. It was great that so many owners talked about how rent control has already impacted how they run and operate their investment properties. It was also good to see that so many landlords are helping and doing their part to assist tenants. These new laws are making it harder for owners to run and operate their buildings and ultimately hurts tenants.

If you did NOT make the meeting please reach out to the city officials and let them know how this has and how it will continue to IMPACT your business. We need a bigger voice, city officials need to hear from us and we need to educate and share the real stories of what is going on today in San Diego being a landlord. 

Contact City Officials 

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